Image Media Australia
Mike & Narelle Macnamara

In my view, they are the best in the business! As small business operators our needs transcend the narrow confines of book-keeping & compliance obligations – SBP has not only saved us thousands of dollars in taxes & charges, but is playing an ongoing role in the development of business plans & timetables to facilitate growth in services & revenues across 2017 and beyond. In particular we appreciate the genuine rapport & interest of SBP personnel as “partners” in our business success.
Needless to say I would recommend Toby Barber & the SBP team without reservation.
From our first-hand experience their obvious strengths include –
• A genuine desire to understand the nature/history of your business.
• A refreshing willingness to ‘listen’ rather than offer shelf advice.
• An ability to cut-through & simplify the complexity of ATO and other requirements
• Personal and face-to-face contact
• Empathetic communication skills & ability to reassure & de-mystify the financial maze.

Balance In Motion Physiotherapy
Nick Torrance

Toby is the best accountant I have ever dealt with.
After some poor advice in the past I was referred to Toby three years ago and he has been our business and my personal accountant since.
He lets me know well in advance when payments are due so I can prepare, calls me regularly for updates and helps me sleep at night.
Toby genuinely cares about our business and us and that is very rare from an accountant. His pro-active approach has provided a real positive impact.
I have recommended him to everyone I know and everyone loves working with him.

Lunar Luxe
Selena NG

Being a start-up we didn't know where to start. We needed to find the right firm to advise us in set up and continued compliance requirements.
Toby's knowledge and willingness to take the time to answer queries and ensure that we are meeting our legal obligations has been exceptional.
I would highly recommend Toby and his team without hesitation.

Balance Healthcare Clinics
Kate Gunn

Balance! Healthcare uses SBP as our accountants because you have stood by us through thick and thin. Running a business is not always easy, and cash flow in a start-up can be even harder, but you have always believed in us as much as we believed in ourselves, and that is gold. The service is very good, the advice is even better. Thank you for being a partner in our business.

Experience Sydney Harbour Cruise
Tim Lackey

After running businesses for over 20 years, I've never experienced an easier and more professional accountancy company to deal with, I only wish I'd found SBP sooner.
Thanks for all your help.

The Physio Lab
Kate & Erin

We are a new physiotherapy practice and started a relationship with SBP after a colleague highly recommended Toby to us.

It has been a Godsend to have Toby and his team on board since the start of our journey. We are relatively inexperienced in the business and tax side of our practice, so we were very grateful to find someone with the knowledge and expertise that Toby has. He is efficient, friendly, unassuming and very professional in his approach and has provided us with the peace of mind that all our accounting and tax work is up to date and that we are compliant with all the relevant government bodies. His team communicates promptly and efficiently and Toby is always available for advise and direction.

Toby has been invaluable in setting up the structure of our company and saved us time and money with his advise. He works closely with our book keeper to keep costs down and to simplify the accounting process for us.

It is very comforting to know that as our business grows, we have someone we trust to provide us with the expertise we need to continue to expand in the future. I highly recommend Toby and the SBP team.

MP Rail Pty Ltd
Mark Stapley

MP Rail Pty Ltd have been operating for 6 years. Toby Barber became our Accountant after 3 years of operating after we struggled to find the accountant that was the right fit for the company.
We speak highly of Toby and his constant dedication and confidence towards our company.
We have a close relationship with our accountant and value his professional work ethic and his understanding of our company and the industry we operate in. We have worked closely together to secure a number of high profile contracts which have been crucial to our long term success.

Toby has assisted us through a long slow growth period and a company restructure and is now working with us to expand our company and work towards a proficient business model. Toby has vast Knowledge of the ATO and other Government Bodies and has provided much needed advice and support through a number of audits and sticky situations.

MP Rail speak Very highly of Toby Barber and would recommend him and SPB to anybody looking to run a successful business.

Key points that make working with SBP a positive experience:

* Service - feel like you are getting great service.
* Great communication - Contactable and have a good understanding on the big picture
* Give you confidence that all your reporting requirements are being addressed
* Address all the compliance issues of your company / group
* Strategic planning
* Comprehensively look after all accounting and tax work
* Completed complex audits and reviews
* Different to other accounting firms because...
* Long history working together with the key staff
* Proactive
* Understanding your business
* Experienced with the ATO and state government bodies
* Flexible billing options

JV Urban
Joe Vescio

Jan Barber has been managing our accounting, tax and financial affairs for over 15 years. More recently Toby Barber has taken over part of this role. We have found both Jan and Toby to be extremely professional, diligent and competent in providing valuable advice and strategies in the management of our extremely complex business structure. They are a fundamental part of our team, having guided the growth of our portfolio through the web and layers of ongoing legislative changes. We feel fortunate having their hands on approach which ensures that they have an intimate knowledge of our business and personal circumstances, and are able to provide quick, accurate and professional advice.

Papaya PR Pty Ltd
Catherine Slogrove

I was referred to Toby at SBP by a friend, when I was looking at starting up my own PR business. His advice and support has been fantastic, taking all the numbers work away from my day to day work, so I can focus on my clients and growing my business. I appreciate the personal service and the approachable style in which they operate.

Steven Bartlett

SBP is a very professional business that provided a tailored service to meet my needs, they provide that personal touch. They invest time to understand my personal circumstance and always identify solutions to my situations that deliver positive outcomes and results. I am confident that SBP offer the best possible advice and there is no need for a second option. Access to SBP staff at short notice and quick responses are key for my investment decisions.

The Little Kitchen
Amy & Neil

The Little Kitchen Coogee - Amy and Neil Thompson
When we wanted to start a business we approached Toby at SYBP. His knowledge and experience was very reassuring. He went through all the key items, in structure, registrations, accounting function and record keeping, and installing the accounting system to maintain our records. It allowed us to 100% focus on the business.
So now we have been Clients of SYBP since for three years since the business opened. Not only do we find Toby trustworthy and insightful he breaks things down simply to help us understand in tax side of small business which is such a headache.
His knowledge has helped us grow and expand as a business and have saved us a fortune. We have recommended Toby to many of our Friends and all have had a positive experience and thanked us for the referral.

Luke Bodyworks
Bronwyn and Peter Luke

The team at SBP have been the saving grace for Luke Bodyworks. Previously we had been given poor advice that led us down the path of nearly closing our doors. Without their guidance and extensive knowledge we would not have been able to succeed as well as what we have. They are constantly involved with our business and everyday operations, advising us on ways to move forward into the future. From their flexible billing options, to always responding to email queries big or small in a timely manner, I cannot speak more highly of Toby and Jan. 

Fakes Engineering
Charles Fakes and Rhea Morris

Toby and Jan had been looking after the accounts for the company I have worked for during the last 7 years, so when it came time to find someone to trust with our own personal business, there was no hesitation in choosing Toby as our accountant. We love that Toby is always available to give advice and a solution, I do not have to email and wait several days for a reply like other firms, on the rare occasion he cannot take a call he returns it within the hour and without fail emails me back thoroughly and promptly. Toby has worked with many other professionals in the industry and comes very highly praised, I feel at ease knowing the accounting side of business is in very capable hands. I find the difference between other accounting firms and Synergistic Business Partners is Toby genuinely wanting to find ways in which the business can evolve and grown, as well as increase turnover and profits and see the business succeed. His advice, support and warm character has not gone unappreciated and I do not believe we would be anywhere near as successful without Toby’s guidance and assistance from the early beginning.

Executive Press Pty Ltd
Bill Basquil

Executive Press has been fortunate to have the services of Jan & Toby Barber for over the last 25 years.
My company has had some difficult issues over that time and fortunately the team has provided some very innovative & successful solutions on every occasion.
My internal bookkeeper is often amazed at the processes the team has come up with to alleviate any problematic issues arising out of our usual day to day “business issues” which I think is a testament to the professional manner Jan & the team have provided to overcome some of the general problematic joys of operating a business for now nearly 60 Years.

Di Lorenzo Tile Merchants
Maria Fresta

We have been working with Jan and Toby for many years. We were looking for a change from our previous accountants when we met them and we haven’t looked back. We had delayed looking for new accountants, as were concerned about the changeover but they made the process very easy – in hindsight we shouldn’t have put it off for so long. SBP are professional and always contactable. They understand our business and have the knowledge to be able to provide the advice we need to plan and grow our business. They have instigated significant improvements to our business and I would highly recommend them and their team.

Watch Seller Pty Ltd
Matthew Hawkins

SBP want your business to succeed as much as you do. They return calls fast, offer solid, sensible advice and tackle any problem big or small with complete professionalism.

Watch Seller
Christine Hawkins

I’ve worked with Jan and Toby through a number of career changes plus the start of a new business. They offer excellent advice and break everything down into simple English. But best of all, they take care of all the dreaded accounting stuff so that you have lots more time to focus on the most important thing - running your business.

Don Maclaren

I have found that SBP are not only very competent professionals in their execution of the financial advice & their accountancy duties to me, but that they take a personal interest in me & my business.
I have been dealing with Jan Barber for well over 20 years & we have developed a very trusting relationship over that time. Jan has always understood me, my business & what goals I wanted to achieve. Her guidance certainly helped me to achieve these goals.
No matter is too small for SBP to take on, plus any enquiry will be answered very quickly & with good sound advice. Taxation experts seem to be on hand to answer those tricky queries, & again very satisfactory resolutions were achieved.
I have no hesitation in recommending SBP as I have in the past recommended SBP to business acquaintances, family & friends. In this age of firms that treat you as another cash cow, a nuisance or as another number in the system, it’s refreshing to deal with human beings who have the time & expertise to be there to help you grow your business, & that they offer that personal service that some would call ‘old-fashion’.

The Running Company – The Shire
Todd Ridge

I have been using Synergistic for the last seven years and can’t fault them. Toby has always gone and above and beyond to help me not only in my business but also for my personal accounting needs. The team is always helpful and patient, nothing is ever too much for them to do for you. Toby has provided some tea value and support to me to help run my business, plus he is a great guy which always helps. Would happily recommend these guys to anyone foe a great finance option.

UPL Productions
Rebecca Valastro

SBP makes my life easier. It is relieving to know I have a professional looking after my business, with all the essential knowledge of how to run, account and setup the company financially for the future. Toby Barber is constantly keeping on top of new laws and how that affects my business, which is critical during crises such as COVID-19. Reliable, professional, knowledgeable and certainly relatable; it is always a pleasure to talk through our taxes, which is something not many people could say. I trust my business in Toby’s hands, which allows me to focus on managing what needs to be done for UPL to grow.

X Plus O
Rebecca Vulic

Toby has provided my business very thorough, holistic and effective advice from general accounting through to general business. He has restructured our accounting systems and provided sound guidance for the last 5 years. I was referred to Toby though a friend with high recommendation for his expertise and professionalism. I now too thoroughly trust and highly recommend Toby and SBP.

ACIA Electrical Services
Cameron Ivers

From the first contact, Toby identified a number of historical issues at hand for our group that needed to be addressed.

We were in a situation where potentially all the hard work we had put in to build up the company, could have been destroyed by potential loan and tax liability, that would of shut the business down, due to no fault of the director/ electrician.

Toby slowly and surely started at the beginning and went through each item of the business and identified the problems and dealt with them, one by one.

With absolute clear communication and the willingness to answer any of my questions, I was advised to concentrate on my business and do what I do best, and he will do his job to sort the issues out.
With true confidence and knowledge Toby sorted out each item, including dealing with tax lawyers and the Tax commissioner, while always assuring that the journey will come to an end with a favourable outcome.

6 months on, all has been achieved as Toby explained, and the business carries on like nothing ever happening and also being completely complaint, with huge savings on tax, that you only hear stories about.
I truly believe the company has a guardian angel that actively and willing is working for us. Finally.

The Flower Bar Co Pty Ltd

We have been working with Toby, Theresa and the team at Synergistic Business Partners for the last 2 years and could not be happier. Working with SBP we are provided strategic business and tax planning advice in support of our current and future business plans.

Toby and Theresa deeply understand our business and carve out the time to regularly check in with us - the communication and level of service is second to

We look forward to partnering with you in business

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